Mittwoch, 9. Dezember 2009

Am Samstag kam der Nikolaus

Am Samstag den 5. Dezember war es wieder mal soweit, der Nikolaus kam und hatte natürlich auch seine Krampusse dabei.
Die Aufregung war groß und die Freude über den bis oben mit Schoki gefüllten Sack auch.
Meine Kleinste verstand die Nervosität ihrer Schwester den ganzen Tag über ja garnicht. Sie stapfte wie immer durch die Wohnung und schaffte erfolgreich Unordnung.


  1. O wow Anjah, I had no idea Nikolaus also came to Austria! What fun! I can see the celebration is a little bit different from ours, but still...
    Wonderful to see your pictures.


  2. PS: His helpers(?) do look scary. What is the background to that?


  3. Hello Josje
    Nikolaus has as a child lost his parents and he found solace, as he gave all his wealth to the poor. He was then Bishop of Myra, where he went every year on his birthday through the streets and give the poor apples, nuts, tangerines and honey cake. He especially loved the children, so every year since then on December the 5th or 6th (in his memory) the children get a small gift bag with candy.
    In Austria and parts of Europe were added over time, other figures. Also the sinister fellows (Krampusse) to help Nikolaus. These punish those very naughty children with strokes on the buttocks. Yes, they are very scary.
    The children are afraid, and looking forward to this day, it's very exciting.

  4. That is very interesting Anjah! Your Nikolaus and our Sinterklaas are the same man, it's just his helpers that are different. In Holland his helpers are black men called Black Peters, who probably have a Moorish background. In the old days the bad kids used to get 'a whipping' with a bunch of twigs, but that is no longer done or even threatened with. Now the helpers are kind and friendly and the naughty children just don't get any gifts. The excitement for the kids is the same everywhere I suppose. They are a little bit scared, but still love and look forward to the celebrations (no doubt because they get gifts, haha).
    It's very interesting to read your story of this, as in Holland we always think there's not many places apart from Belgium and a small part of Germany where St. Nicholas is celebrated.

  5. When you celebrate this day, also on 6. December? Your Customs, is our still very similar, that I find very interesting. Thanks for your answer!

  6. Love the Krampusse! I should make a doll of one of them. They look pretty similar to the mask they wear at the Fastnacht (end of winter) here in Bavaria.

  7. Hi Anjah,
    We celebrate the eve of St. Nicholas, so it's on December 5th. I very much enjoyed reading about your traditions too, like I said, I really had no idea!
    I love the photo where your daughter is standing on the sofa behind funny! But I must say, those horned creatures in the back would scare me too!


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